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New Church Sign

 Our new Church Sign complete with updated information was put up on Tuesday 22 October.  The sign gives the new times of services and  includes Thursday services and up to date contact and website information.  It is in eye catching blue and yellow and has the Church of England,Diocese of Blackburn and Child Friendly Church Award logos displayed.  The sign also has a waterproof case for posters giving further information about our services and events. 


----------------------------------------Redecoration of the Church Porch

Work is now complete on the renovation of the Church Entrance Porch.  The walls and ceiling have been replastered where necessary and completely repainted, as have the interior doors and inside the outer doors.   There is a new lighting system featuring a Montparnasse Style Porch light and three highlight lamps on the notice board, which is in the process of having a new surface put on to preserve people’s thumbs when pressing and removing drawing pins!  The outer doors have been stripped and restored to their original oak and give a great impression when approaching Church or seeing Immanuel from Pleasington Lane.  Also the handrails have been repainted along with the Church Gates.  Taken as a whole the renovations will provide a sense of welcome and that our Church building is valued and cared for by all who enter into it.  We are grateful to the generous legacy from the late Glenys Jones for making this work possible


New Car Park SignsIn addition to the Church Sign the PCC decoded to renew our Car Park signs, both of which were well past their prime.  The two new signs give a smart impression to anyone arriving at Immanuel and should see many years service.