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Immanuel is a place for new beginnings. We believe that no matter what you've done or where you've been, God's grace is available. Through His grace, healing can be found, addictions can be faced, forgiveness can be experienced, marriages can be restored, and lives can be changed. Immanuel is also a place where it's okay to not to be okay. You don't have to fake perfection. None of us are perfect, and, contrary to what you may think, God isn't looking for perfection. Just come as you are with your past, pain, challenges, and junk and God will meet you where you are - but He won't leave you there. He begins a work of transformation in your life and as you walk daily with God you will experience the amazing - and unconditional - love God has for you. God's love has no on/off switch. Not even a dimmer switch. How awesome is that?!! We'd love you to visit us soon. We believe you will feel welcome and at home and discover why many people call Immanuel a place for new beginnings in their lives.   

A new baby, starting school, starting a new job, making a new friend…… All these are examples of new beginnings. Life is full of them!
New beginnings can bring faith alive, and faith adds meaning to new beginnings. New beginnings are indeed a strong feature of the Christian faith. Faith in God can point us to new things that would not have been possible otherwise.
We hear examples of relationships healed, indifference transformed into caring, convicted prisoners going straight, and addicts kicking their habit, all through the transforming love and power of God through Jesus Christ. There is much for the church to proclaim.
Most people do not realise how many good things in our society are shaped by Christian values absorbed over the centuries. As new technologies are invented, and society changes more and more rapidly, we face new moral questions. Some people might feel that faith is no longer relevant, but it is foolish to turn our backs on God, who is our main hope of finding our way through it all.
How can people who have turned away from God turn back again? Here the church has a gospel to proclaim. Jesus likened God to a loving father waiting for his errant son to return. God has reached out to us through Jesus Christ, and awaits our response. He can give new life, new heart and new direction to those who seek Him.
Churches are there to help in this.

We are a vibrant Anglican church on the outskirts ofBlackburn, with a hunger to see the Kingdom of God grow in our area (Matt 3:2) and know the grace of God in our lives and church (Rom 12:6-8)
May be a few words of description might help you get a flavour of what kind of church we are like. We are a local community minded, friendly church for all ages. That means we value young and old, we don’t seek to serve ourselves but the local community that God has placed us in and then beyond

In this church family everyone is important and all have a part to play. We want to help ourselves and those around us, to discover more of the goodness of serving God with all of our lives. We do this as a response to the love God has first shown us.  We believe in God and we know God’s immense love shown in Jesus – especially his death and resurrection, and know and rest in the reality and closeness of the Holy Spirit

We believe we need to keep ‘fresh’ and keep growing in our Christian faith. So we believe in prayer, in deepening ‘fellowship’ – spurring each other on through meeting together in large and small gatherings. And we believe that in order to grow we need to actively serve God, our church family and this community. God has given each of us gifts and abilities that we can use to do this in a whole variety of ways

We value and treasure the heritage of the past and thank God for all his creativity in the present. So our services will reflect a mix of the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, of traditional and contemporary forms of worship. God did not make us all the same so it’s no surprise that we all connect with God in different ways. But together God calls us to follow Jesus and love each other – in our variety and our differences.

We are not a perfect church and we have not got it all sewn up – and probably never will! But we seek to be a real authentic expression of a community of faith in Jesus – and you’re very welcome to join us. 

What are you waiting for?