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Coming to Church
When you go through a Church door you are entering more than a building.
When you enter Immanuel Church you are entering part of the wider Diocese of Blackburn.  This is because our Church is part of a family of Churches in the Lancashire area, closely connected together under our Bishop, Nicholas.
Because the Blackburn Diocese is rooted in history, and related to life at every point, and in fellowship with all the other dioceses, when you enter Immanuel Church you are in some sense entering the whole world and all of history.
And there are also occasions when you are stepping outside time and into that dimension in which all ages - past, present and future - are present: what we call eternity.
More than that, you are also stepping inside the hearts of others.  You are entering a multitude of homes whose inner home this building is.
And again, when you enter Church, you are stepping inside yourself on a journey of exploration.
Think well as you enter.  And welcome......