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Features and Peculiarities of Immanuel Church

Thanks to Bob Nuttall for providing this Victorian photograph of the inside of Immanuel before the screen was put in place and the reredos was moved to the gallery.  If anyone could put a precise date on the photograph David would be very pleased to hear from you.   

150th Anniversary of the Albert Oak

Exert From Rule VII
“No female member shall be entitled to any
allowance for sickness arising from a state of
pregnancy until one month after her delivery.
And no member to receive help who has not been a sunscriber for six months previous to his or her sickness.” 

Exert From Rule VIII
“Members falling sick and desiring the aid of this Society, shall sens anote thereof to their teacher in writing. 
The Teacher of such member shall then visit him or her, and when he is satisfied of his or her illness, he shall inform the Secretary, who shall enter such sick member in his book, and after the expiration of one week from the date of such notice the parents shall apply to the
Treasurer for the allowance.”

Exert From Rule XVIII
“That a general Meeting of the Members be held
annually, on Christmas day, at which a report shall be produced of the proceedings of the last year, with a statement of the funds.”

See below for facsimilies of the original  Rule Book

Many Thanks to Bob Nuttall for providing this fascinating article