WELCOME - Bowling Afternoon 2011
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Immanuel Bowling Afternoon
 I don’t think any of the people who came to the bowling afternoon on Sunday 4 September could believe how warm and sunny it was after the horrendous rains of the day before. In fact Monday returned to very wet and windy.
Lee Brown was very welcoming at the Green Park Bowling club near Ewood, and did not seem fazed by about twenty people turning up to play without any equipment! Thank goodness Sandy Woods took charge of the rabble; and asked people who had any bowling experience to pair up with a novice, then decide on a team name.  That done, the aim was to try and work out the scoring system whilst beating the other two teams in the group; not an easy quest.
We then spent a lovely afternoon on the two greens laughing, sighing, encouraging, sympathising, watching and chatting in a picturesque setting of country England. Thank you to everyone who came to watch, and those who took part in a good humoured (well I didn’t see anyone come to blows) afternoon’s bowling. Congratulations to the two teams that got through to the final; Daniel and Ryan the victors, Sheila and Mollie the runners up. 
We all enjoyed tea, coffee and cold drinks, even choc ices; our thanks to the club for their hospitality.
Here’s hoping we do it again next year!